What is Net Neutrality?

(c) Can Stock Photo

(c) Can Stock Photo

What it is: The right to access any web page or service without your internet service provider (like Comcast, Mediacom, etc.), charging you for different speeds, charging the content provider for providing access to their content, and not blocking access to those who do not comply.

Internet service providers promise that they can handle every data type that you, the consumer wants:

  • video
  • music
  • graphics
  • books
  • magazines

They should not be able to charge you more based on your destination. Nor should they be allowed to charge content providers like Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Netflix, etc. extra money to carry their content over their infrastructure.  (They enticed you to sign up with them because they promised they could deliver).

Scenario: Service provider “A” charges you for internet access, but only allows you to go to content providers who pay them EXTRA money. (Where do you think the extra money will ultimately come from? And, what content are you never even allowed to see?)

Public Utility: Treat internet access as a public utility, like phone service. Call whomever you want. Pay a monthly fee with no restrictions.

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