Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Everyone wants more “likes” and more sharing of their content on Facebook whether it’s to sell a product, educate, or increase memberships and / or donations.

Facebook, at it’s core, is free to use because you are creating content for them. Facebook, in turn, provides great exposure for businesses and especially for nonprofits who often use volunteers to create and share content.

The path to more Likes and Sharing is simple, but you must be dedicated.

  1. Post something everyday. Facebook provides weekly stats. Look at your number of posts each week, related to Page Visits, Weekly Total Reach, People Engaged and Total Page Likes.
  2. Include photos of your product or cause whenever possible.
  3. Make more than one person responsible for posting as your business or nonprofit. And don’t assign someone who is not proficient or comfortable with this task. It always ends badly.
  4. Have a basic style & rule guide so that all content creators know what the objective is…
  5. Use ordered lists. People don’t want to read a book on Facebook. (BTW: This is an example of an ordered list.)
  6. Include a “call to action” i.e. ask your visitors to share your latest photo instead of just hoping that they will share it. (You want them to like your posts and share them so ask them outright.)
  7. Follow up with people who comment on your site or ask you questions. It’s a real turn off when you don’t.