ISPs are Finding Ways to Get Around Net Neutrality

We were hoping that the fight was over but ISPs are finding ways to get around Net Neutrality by zero-rating their own content and content by companies that pay extra for their service. We don’t want an ISP to control what we see. That is NOT the way of the internet.

During our latest recession, many people started their own businesses and rely on the internet to reach a wide customer base. With zero-rating, ISPs will push out these small businesses because they can not afford to pay the ISPs extra to get their content shown.

If you tell customers they can drive in this lane for free (and the ISP owns that lane), the other lanes will suffer unless they pay up.

This is NOT Neutrality!

The FCC protected the open Internet by passing strong Net Neutrality rules last year. Now, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers), are finding ways around them by enacting their sleazy zero-rating schemes.

Help to STOP these abominations by filing a complaint with the FCC  makes it easy.

Join the growing number of people who are standing up for their rights as specified in the Net Neutrality rules adopted by the FCC.

Do not go quietly!