Get Free Graphics – REALLY!

replicating kittens
Replicating kittens – “Oh No!” (from Morgue File)

We all need to find a photo or graphic from time to time.

Maybe you need to create a flyer for your bowling team or your neighborhood picnic. Most of us will need to find something on the fly. And, you don’t want to have to purchase a graphics program for a one time thing. Just be smart about it and search safely.

Searching for anything FREE on the internet can be risky.

Malware, viruses and more can be lurking in that cute kitten photo you downloaded.

To be safe and still get what you need, you must use reputable sites.

morgue file
This cat is safe and the little dog too. (screenshot from Morgue File website)

Enter Morgue File:

Free graphics at Morgue File

Beautiful, safe, free photos.

Check out Morgue File and sign up for a free account.

They have an ABOUT page that contains their FAQ.

You’ll find usage rules and other info…

Over 350,000 graphics and photos with built in search options to help you find just what you need.