Free Email Accounts

Have Multiple Email Accounts or Just Need a Free Email Account?

GMX is a free email service based in Germany. Their service has lots of pros and a few cons.

GMX free email
GMX email is a free email account service.


  • Free email account
  • Allows up to 10 POP or IMAP accounts
  • Read all accounts in one Inbox or
  • Read each account in its own Inbox
  • Mail Collector is the easiest POP setup app that I have ever used
  • Ads are unobtrusive (located in right sidebar)
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Import contacts from other popular email services
  • Email sorting on the fly (by date, subject, sender, size, read-/unread, recipient and attachments)

    GMX email includes file storage, calendar and contacts.
    GMX email includes file storage, calendar and contacts. And, you can set up shares for your files!
  • Includes calendar / organizer on mobile or web
  • Fast message retrieval
  • Mail app available
  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Automatically logs you out after specified time to protect your data
  • Email responses can be customized to answer from the recipient email address: If you send me an email at, my response will come from You may customize the responder for each email address.


  • Mail app is not available in the U.S. (you have to use web access)
  • SPAM filter could be better out of the box, but it does learn your preferences…
  • The mail collector settings sometimes change (probably due to the original email service making security changes.) GMX does notify you in the mail collector dashboard and you can begin your investigation from there.
  • Only partially touch screen enabled. Example: touching the email check box works to select an email message, but touch scrolling is near impossible.

Take a look at GMX Email

I have more than ten email accounts, but with free email service and a little creative forwarding, I can now check all of my email accounts in one place.

If you need a free email account with tons of features, GMX is definitely worth a look.