Browsing for Genres on Netflix (And Beyond)

We have been enjoying Netflix since before it began streaming. We love it, but sometimes it’s hard to find the type of content that we’re in the mood for….

Three ways to get more out of Netflix:

    1. Roku: Use your main search function on your Roku box or Roku TV to find movies by title. Roku will search all of the streaming channels to locate your pick. Currently, it searches VUDU, Netflix, AMAZON and Hulu.
    2. We purchased the Netflix Browser App a few years ago. It’s especially helpful if you want movies or tv shows by year or finding content only in HD. It was $4.99 and works on Roku boxes and Roku TVs. We haven’t tried it on a Raspberry Pi media center yet, but we’ll let you know what we find out when we do.
    3. There’s a wonderful site: It’s updated with what’s new to watch, what’s leaving soon and (really cool), in depth genre codes. Use your phone, tablet or laptop to browse the categories and get your desired codes.
      1. Use this format:
      2. A few of my favs are: 47147 = Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy, 7687 = Film Noir and 3327 = Alien Sci-Fi.

Keep cutting those cords!